Inspect your Solar Heating

Inspect your solar heating. Its easy to forget that you have salt water running over the roof of your house, but if its springs a leak you will not only be losing a lot of water and chemicals, if left unfixed it could cause a lot of damage to your roof, your gutter and the even the house itself! It pays to hop up on the roof at least once a year check for leaks, check the air-relief valve is working that the water is flowing evenly through the matting, check the matting is in good condition and clear leaves and debris from building up between the matting runs and the pipe work. Also check your solar pump is in good condition, no leaks or leaf litter build up around the motor, and also that the solar controller is reading the temperatures accurately. If you are not comfortable getting up on the roof or dont feel confident enough to undertake these checks we do offer a solar inspection service, contact us today to book in.