10 Common Mistakes of Pool Maintenance

  1. Not cleaning the skimmer basket and/or pump basket regularly. Letting these become full of debris results in poor circulation which potentially leads to bigger problems with related equipment.
  2. Forgetting to brush pool walls. Cleaning surface dirt off pool walls and floor helps prevent algae build up so try and do this every few weeks.
  3. Ignoring pool chemistry. Check this twice a week in summer and once a week in winter and youll be able to fine tune the balance along the way. Leave it for too long and youll need big doses of chemicals to fix the problem and time out of the pool while everything corrects and settles.
  4. Failing to clean the cell in salt water systems. Corroded or calcified cells dont produce as much chlorine so keep them clear with a salt water conditioner.
  5. Adding chemicals in the heat of the day. Get more out of your chlorine by adding it to the pool at night when the sun can’t cause any of it to dissipate.
  6. Backwashing your pool filter too often. Not only does this waste water but it doesn’t allow the filter to do its job as most work best when the pressure gauge rises 8 -10PSI above clean.
  7. Not switching pumps on or not letting them run long enough. Circulation is paramount to effective pool maintenance.
  8. Forgetting to check total dissolved solids (TDS) or calcium hardness. Let this go and your whole water balance will go out of whack. It is recommended you check TDS every 6 months and calcium hardness every month.
  9. Letting water levels drop. Low water levels can result in the pool pump drawing air instead of water, which can cause it to break and allow algae to bloom. Monitor water levels regularly and adjust so that it’s in the middle of the skimmer.
  10. Not shocking the pool after a party or heavy usage (and even after rain). Lots of swimmers in the pool at once can use up the free chlorine residual in the water. To avoid an algae bloom, shock the pool with a big dose of chlorine then run the filtration system for several hours.