7 Tips to help your pool survive summer

  1. Ensure you keep an eye on your chlorine and pH levels to maintain a good santisation level.
  2. Run your filter longer during periods of heavy usage, extra high tempretures and heavy rains.
  3. Add a good quality algaecide like Powercide to your pool as a preventative.
  4. Keep some Shock n Clear packets on hand, for that instant quick shot of chlorine.
  5. Have some Bling or a Sparkler in the pool shed, ready to help keep the water sparkling for those bbqs or festive season gatherings.
  6. Be sure not to overheat your pool using a pool cover may save evaporation but it will add alot of extra heat to your pool, which can turn your pool green at a rapid rate. Turn your solar heating to winter mode, or lower the set tempreture, dont leave your cover on through theheat of the day.
  7. Want to cool your pool? run your solar heating at night on manual, this will help cool the pool