Pool Safety

With the swimming season now upon us (we have happy customers already swimming in 28degree pool temps! Ask us how!) Pool Safety is paramount. When was the last time you did a thorough inspection of your pool fence, gate and surrounds? Heres a quick check list to help you ensure a safer swimming season. You can also download an App for your iPhone.

If you are unsure if your fence complies please contact us to arrange an on-site inspection. Or if you are in need of a CPR sign to help you comply we always have these in stock.

Gate Maintenance

Unfortunately gates are the biggest offender when it comes to a breach in the safety of a pool surround. If you’ve completed your pool safety checklist (see above) and found your gate to be in need of some maintenance, we have the full range of MagnaLatch latches, hinges and accessories, come in and see us today.

Is your pool safe to swim in?

Your pool water may look crystal clear and ready for a swim – BUT looks can be deceiving! Your water may not be adequately sanitized – and be harbouring bugs that could make swimmers sick, or the chlorine could be excessively high (we’ve tested water that has had 100ppm of chlorine in it, the normal domestic swimming range is 2-4ppm) and be VERY dangerous to swim in, the pH could be very high or very low - causing skin and eye irritations. It is important to test your pool water regularly yourself, and have it professionally tested at least every 4 weeks through the swimming season. Don’t put your family and friends at risk – have your pool water tested professionally on a regular basis – it’s a free service* in store. (Free water testing is provided on the understanding that customers will reciprocate by purchasing the required pool chemicals from our store)