Pool Filter Special

Your pool pump is running everyday circulating your water through filtration and chlorination but what is really filtering your water? The sand (or glass or zeolite) in your filter traps all the dirt, hair, bodyfat, grease, algae, etc etc, which helps keep your pool water looking clean but just like the filter on your vacuum cleaner your filter media needs regular cleaning (and periodic replacing).

Ineffective filtration increases your running costs through electricity, chemicals and water. Make sure you regularly backwash your filter, periodically use a filter cleaner and degreaser, and every 5 years replace the media in your filter to keep you water beautifully filtered.

Note: The above image is not Chicken Nuggets. It is sand from a filter than Scott removed. It was so hard it had to be broken with a crow bar.

Special Offer


Above we told you how important it is to keep your filter well maintained - well if your filter media hasn't been replaced in years and your filter is looking like a dinosaur, we have a great offer for you. For the month of April only - book your filter replacement and get the glass filter media FREE! Thats a saving of $250-$300 (depending on filter size). This is a limited offer - just place your order and pay a $100 deposit to secure this saving and the installation can be done in April to August.

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