1. Ensure you keep an eye on your chlorine and pH levels to maintain a good santisation level.
  2. Run your filter longer during periods of heavy usage, extra high tempretures and heavy rains.
  3. Add a good quality algaecide like Powercide to your pool as a preventative.
  4. Keep some Shock n Clear packets on hand, for that instant quick shot of chlorine.
  5. Have some Bling or a Sparkler in the pool shed, ready to help keep the water sparkling for those bbqs or festive season gatherings.
  6. Be sure not to overheat your pool using a pool cover may save evaporation but it will add alot of extra heat to your pool, which can turn your pool green at a rapid rate. Turn your solar heating to winter mode, or lower the set tempreture, dont leave your cover on through theheat of the day.
  7. Want to cool your pool? run your solar heating at night on manual, this will help cool the pool

Get in early for Christmas, our Pool Toy Brochure will be sent out in the coming weeks to help you plan your Christmas shopping, but if you want to get in early and grab a bargain we still have a selected range of pool toys up to 50% OFF! Be quick only while stocks last!

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We have a select range of KETER outdoor furniture on display and in stock, including a fantastic modular lounge that has 6 different combination options for only $690! Also storage boxes great for storing pool toys, cushions, pool cleaning equipment etc from only $139! They are all stylish, durable and maintenance free products. Get in quick limited stock.

With the swimming season now upon us (we have happy customers already swimming in 28degree pool temps! Ask us how!) Pool Safety is paramount. When was the last time you did a thorough inspection of your pool fence, gate and surrounds? Heres a quick check list to help you ensure a safer swimming season. You can also download an App for your iPhone.

If you are unsure if your fence complies please contact us to arrange an on-site inspection. Or if you are in need of a CPR sign to help you comply we always have these in stock.

Gate Maintenance

Unfortunately gates are the biggest offender when it comes to a breach in the safety of a pool surround. If you’ve completed your pool safety checklist (see above) and found your gate to be in need of some maintenance, we have the full range of MagnaLatch latches, hinges and accessories, come in and see us today.

Is your pool safe to swim in?

Your pool water may look crystal clear and ready for a swim – BUT looks can be deceiving! Your water may not be adequately sanitized – and be harbouring bugs that could make swimmers sick, or the chlorine could be excessively high (we’ve tested water that has had 100ppm of chlorine in it, the normal domestic swimming range is 2-4ppm) and be VERY dangerous to swim in, the pH could be very high or very low - causing skin and eye irritations. It is important to test your pool water regularly yourself, and have it professionally tested at least every 4 weeks through the swimming season. Don’t put your family and friends at risk – have your pool water tested professionally on a regular basis – it’s a free service* in store. (Free water testing is provided on the understanding that customers will reciprocate by purchasing the required pool chemicals from our store)

When was the last time you really cleaned your pool ? Im not talking about vacuuming and emptying the baskets Im meaning scrubbed the water line, degreased your filter and treated the pool surface for staining. These may sound difficult but theyre not and your pool will be fresh and ready for the season.

To help you get your pool into shape for Spring, we have put together a Spring Cleaning bucket containing:

  • 1kg Filter Cleaner & Degreaser
  • 1kg WipeOut
  • Tile & Vinyl Cleaner spray bottle (great for all pool surfaces)
  • Rubber gloves, scrubber & bucket

Great Value at only $65

Lets face it you have invested a lot in your back yard pool, in time and money we want to help you maximize the return on your investment. Do you have solar heating on your pool? A good quality blanket and roller? Did you know that a good sized solar pool heating system can lengthen your families swimming season by at least 3 months a year? Typically an unheated pool is only used in December, January & February; but solar can have you swimming October to April inclusive and sometimes longer! A pool blanket helps hold in that heat and even adds a little too (up to 6-8 degrees on a warm sunny day). Getting your solar heating installed early (ie. August/September), ensures you get the most out of this season. So if you want to get more enjoyment out of your pool contact us for a free quote here. (Note : solar heating results are weather dependant)

With the days jam packed full of conferences, seminars, trade-shows and alike during our week away, the nights were enjoyed with three separate gala awards nights.

First was the Maytronics Australias Gala Dinner atop the Q1 building, where Lee got to punch Alex Leapai (the Australian Heavy Weight Boxer who fought for the World Heavy Weight title against current World Heavy Weight Champion Wladimir Klitschko in April this year). At this dinner we were presented with the prestigious Presidents Award (the highest award given by Maytronics Australia) a huge honour.

The second awards night was the national industry night of nights the combined SPASA Australia, SPRAA and SPLASH Gala Awards Night, with over 300 people in attendance. We were very honoured to have our hard work and dedication to our industry rewarded with SPRAA National Pool Shop of the Year Runners Up and with Lee being awarded the highest honour of SPRAA National Retail Person of the Year! We couldn’t have been more chuffed!

The third awards night – and the last night of our week away, was the FOCUS Products Gala Awards Dinner. We were very honoured to be recognised for our marketing, being presented with the FOCUS Products Outstanding Marketing Award.
It was definitely a very rewarding but exhausting week!

Celebration Specials

To celebrate our awards – we are offering you our valued customer a couple of specials but be quick – only while current stocks last :


  1. NORIA ECO Variable 3 Speed Energy Efficient Pump - $300 off (normally $1560.00rrp)
  2. NORIA DUO 2 Speed Energy Efficient Pump - $250 off (normally $1212.00 rrp)
  3. Maytronics Dolphin Robotic Pool Cleaners up to $300 off ($100 off M4, $200 off M5, $300 off Liberty)

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Its on again save the date Thursday 28th August 1:30pm to 4pm, in the function room at the Merimbula RSL Club.

If you are a commercial pool (ie. Motel, unit complex, caravan park, and alike), you should have received a letter from the council informing you that they will soon be undertaking inspections of all the pools in our area. These inspections are a mandatory requirement from the NSW State Government and must be carried out.

The council will again be presenting at our pool school, informing you of what these inspections entail and what is required of you. Then we will present the second part of the school instructing you on how to meet those requirements, from basic water chemistry and pool operations to the legal requirements under the new legislation.

Invitations will be sent out soon or you can register your interest here. RSVP will be required to assist with catering (we will provide afternoon tea) and handouts. We hope to see you there.

For those of you on our regular service schedule gold and platinum package clients, you will soon see our service team making their rounds to do your Mid Winter Service. For those of you who are more DIY and have purchased your winterising chemicals already now is the time to put in your second dose of Powercide and Aquasheild. You can also bring in a sample for us to complete a mid winter test instore for you. Dont forget Prevention is better (and cheaper!) than cure!

Winter is a great time to do all the things you put off through summer, because you dont have time, as its often said prevention is better than cure, and your pool and its equipment are no different. Here is simple list of the things to check to ensure your pool equipment is ready to work at its best come the summer season.

  1. Check your pump - look underneath the pump between the motor and the wet section when doing a maintenance check on your equipment. Water leaking out there is a sure sign of shaft seal damage.

Have you ever thought

While winter is a time that we dont use our pools, there is still a little maintenance needed to ensure your pool wakes up from the winter slumber clear and sparkling and ready for the new swimming season. Winter Pool Care is all about prevention:

Step 1 : Have your pool water professionally tested.
Step 2 : Balance your pool water and treat with Winterising chemicals as recommended.
Step 3 : Check your pool equipment, grease orings and gaskets, check for leaks. Turn your chlorinator timer down to the hours/output recommended by our staff for your pool.
Step 4 : Test your chlorine and pH levels periodically through winter, to ensure that your pool is not being under or over chlorinated.

If you follow these simple steps your winter pool maintenance will be minimal, your pool will awaken to summer sparkling clear and ready to go, and your wallet will benefit.

To help you with your winter close down we have our Winter Box again this season containing 1lt Powercide and 1lt Aquashield, with a BONUS 1lt Water Polish Plus and Pool Guide, over $82.00 worth of value for only $63.40 a saving of almost $20! Great savings on great products, that will see your pool sparkling into the next swimming season.

Many times we have heard the complaint that it takes too long to scoop out the leaves from the pool. There are three simple things you can do to speed up the removal of leaves from your swimming pool.

First use a Leaf Rake. A Leaf Rake is like a Leaf Skimmer but has a deep bag-like net instead of a flat net. This allows it to hold many more leaves with each scoop.

Also, a Leaf Rake allows the water to pass through much easier when it has leaves in it than a Leaf Skimmer does, thereby preventing the water wave you can get in front of a Leaf Skimmer pushing the leaves away from it. The Leaf Rake is also much easier to use when scooping leaves from the bottom. When scooping the bottom, extend your pole out as far as you can, face the Leaf Rake back towards you, and pull towards you. This will scoop up the leaves as you pull.

Another great device for lifting leaves off the bottom is the Leaf Eater. The Leaf Eater has jets in it that force water through its deep net bag, creating a suction that will lift debris off the bottom of the pool and into the bag. The jets are powered by water from your garden hose or the booster pump of your automatic pool cleaner. The jets will actually "pack in" the leaves, thereby holding a tremendous amount of debris before it needs dumping. The Leaf Eater comes in two versions: the wheeled model for concrete pools, and the brush model for vinyl pools. We would suggest using the wheeled model for all types of pools because the brushes on the brush model tend to push a lot of leaves away from it.

The Rolls Royce of Leaf munchers is the Dolphin Supreme Robotic Pool Cleaner – makes pool cleaning a breeze, collecting all the leaves and not sending any debris through to your skimmer or pump baskets or congesting your filter.
The best way to keep leaves out of your pool in the first place is to empty your skimmer basket(s) as often as needed. Rather than letting the skimmer basket fill up, choking off the skimming action and making your pump labour or worse still run dry, empty the basket as often as it needs it. The longer your pump runs, the more skimming will be done, the more you will need to empty the basket during high leaf load periods.

Powercide 4 - Focus Powercide4 - a 4 in 1 Algae Treatment is a multi-tasking product that can not only be used as a treatment for an algea problem but also a a preventative. It can be used for the removal of blackspot algae in swimming pools, the clean up of green algae and mustard algae, and also the prevention of blackspot and green algae and also used for winterising.

  • Regular use will help overcome problems caused by algae which increase chlorine demand.
  • Assists chlorinator cells to cope with increase in demand particularly during Summer.
  • Controls algae, bacteria and fungi in swimming pools and ornamental water.
  • Particularly effective on green, red, brown and black algae.
  • Does not interfere with filter operation.
  • May be used as a long term algicide or winteriser.
  • Algaestat properties help keep algae in a dormant stage.

Pool owners are required to register their swimming pools and spa before 29 October 2013 by visiting the NSW Swimming Pool Register Website at www.swimmingpoolregister.nsw.gov.au or face fines between $220 and $2,200.

To register a pool, pool owners will need to know:

  • Physical address of the pool and/or spa
  • Type of property such as a private residence, multi-unit or tourist accommodation
  • When the pool/spa was built
  • If the pool barrier has been substantially modified or rebuilt and when that took place

The NSW Government has developed a flier to assist the public called "Everything you need to know about the Swimming Pool register" which you can download here.

In August 2013 Scott and Lee attended the Annual SPASA (Swimming Pool & Spa Alliance of Australia) Gala Awards night. We are pleased to announce that Sapphire Wetwork Pool & Spa were awarded NSW Pool Shop of the Year 2013 and Lee for the second consecutive year was awarded NSW Retail Person of the Year 2013. It is quite an honour to receive these awards in such a competitive industry. We are starting to get quiet a collection of awards now.

Your pool pump is running everyday circulating your water through filtration and chlorination but what is really filtering your water? The sand (or glass or zeolite) in your filter traps all the dirt, hair, bodyfat, grease, algae, etc etc, which helps keep your pool water looking clean but just like the filter on your vacuum cleaner your filter media needs regular cleaning (and periodic replacing).

Ineffective filtration increases your running costs through electricity, chemicals and water. Make sure you regularly backwash your filter, periodically use a filter cleaner and degreaser, and every 5 years replace the media in your filter to keep you water beautifully filtered.

Note: The above image is not Chicken Nuggets. It is sand from a filter than Scott removed. It was so hard it had to be broken with a crow bar.

Special Offer


Above we told you how important it is to keep your filter well maintained - well if your filter media hasn't been replaced in years and your filter is looking like a dinosaur, we have a great offer for you. For the month of April only - book your filter replacement and get the glass filter media FREE! Thats a saving of $250-$300 (depending on filter size). This is a limited offer - just place your order and pay a $100 deposit to secure this saving and the installation can be done in April to August.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.to book your pool filter service


Whether you have a residential pool or a commercial pool, this year has seen a lot of changes in the legislation regarding both.

In a private residence pool owners will be expected to register their pools and self-assess the safety and compliancy of their pool, if the property is tenanted/leased or sold a compliance certificate will need to be issued by an accredited certifier.

In commercial pools the new Public Health Act 2012 and Public Health Regulations 2012 came into force on the 1st March 2013, if you did not receive detailed information via email from us last month, please contact us and we will pass on all the necessary information.

Please click on the links below to read the various legislation and of course feel free to contact us if we can be of any assistance.

Download a summary of the New Rules for Pools.

NSW Swimming Pool Amendment Act 2012

How does this affect you and your pool?

Home Pool Safety Checklist




Sapphire Wetwork are proud to announce that they are now the NSW South Coast distributor for Maytronics Australia of both the Domestic and Commercial Pool Cleaner ranges. 

Maytronics is known throughout the world as the leading manufacturer and distributor of pool cleaners – primarily under the Dolphin Pool Cleaner brand. Dolphin is regarded as the premier robotic pool cleaner for many reasons – including superior quality, service, functionality and innovation.

Dolphin’s are truly automatic pool cleaners – they scan and map each pool to provide a superior level of pool cleaning – to make life easier for every pool owner.

A Dolphin has to be seen to be believed....... contact us for a free demonstration in your pool. Once you see what a Dolphin can do you won't want anything else.